BETMAR Acres A 55+ Community
2014-2015 Homeowners Winter Rental Referral List

Betmar Realty Corp. publishes this list as an advertising courtesy for homeowners in the park.
Please understand that we act strictly in the capacity of a referral service and do not

  1. accept any responsibility for the condition or terms of the rental unit you may choose.
  2. your arrangements (including keys, cable  hook-up etc..) will be through the owner of the rental unit.

Home Owners if you email us pictures to post please have them no larger  than “640 x 480″ or VGA, thank you!

New List Will Be Published Here LABOR DAY WEEKEND August 28!


Owner & Contact

Marianne Priante


Rental Location:

5353 Comanche Street

Double wide, 2 bedrooms, 1 queen bed, 1 single craftmatic bed, two 3/4 bathrooms, 2 queen sofas, completely furnished, bedding & towels,  washer & dryer, all utilities included, internet  w/ wifi, TV & phone

Time Frame:

Available for month of April

Rental Amount Per Month:

4-5 Months $1,375 per month

3 Months $1,425 per month

No Smoking Not in Pet Section!

At least one tenant must be 55 years of age and no children under the age of 22.   -Betmar Owners Inc.